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Mature content
White Christmas -Y- :iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 1 0
Interrogation Session
Erwin breathed in a sigh of relief. He had finally finished going through the tall stack of documents that had sat annoyingly at the corner of his desk since the night, and the best part about this was that he had finished it earlier than expected, thus allowing him to spend his night relaxing, which was considered almost a rare moment. Being a Commander had not meant that all he had to do was to stand and supervise. He had to survive through attacks from the Titans, ensure that his men had the highest possible survival rate when they fought alongside with him, attend funerals of the ones that didn't made it to be berated by the family members, endure long hours of meetings with the higher ups and to deal with paperwork and documents regarding every single activity they had done. Erwin had mostly pushed himself to the limit, sometimes even beyond the threshold level, exhausting himself to the point where he'd just slump onto the floor once he had entered his own room and sleep his fati
:iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 2 2
Mature content
Valentines' Gift - Y- :iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 7 2
Mature content
Summer Fever Pt4 -Y- :iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 1 3
Mature content
Summer Fever Pt3 -Y- :iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 2 23
Mature content
Magnet -BL- :iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 7 5
Mature content
Summer Fever Pt2 -Y- :iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 2 0
Friday Escalator -BL-
It was another beautiful Friday afternoon in Ikebukuro that day. Somewhere in the middle of the ever-present bustling streets, unusually neat black tufts of hair and the peculiar small smile played on a certain man's lips stood out. He took long strides, humming a bizarre tune under his breath as he easily weaved through the growing crowd.
Different from his usual aimless wanderings around Ikebukuro, Izaya had a destination set in mind today. The teasings, the tauntings, the chasings, the cell phone-stomping…there would be none of it today. …Well, at least it could wait until later. He had things to do today. Yes, something that was far more important than seeing the horrid looks plastered on human faces as he stomped on their cell phones.
Knowing only how to get there without even being aware of the name of the station, he let his feet bring him to where he intended to go. He headed towards the nearest station; the one and only station that he had bothered to visit in his li
:iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 16 12
Interception -BL-
"'I love you.'"
His heart skipped a beat, immediately averting his attention to the overly familiar three words.
"Say that in ten different languages," Kairi asked, an evil grin plastered on her face as a few other girls smirked along with her.
However, her question was not directed at Roxas. It was towards the bunch of other men who were behind the large wooden door that separated them from Roxas and the girls.
A sigh escaped his lips. What was he thinking? Roxas was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he had forgotten that he was in the middle of both his best friend's wedding. He was currently one of the grooms' tormentors by not letting the man and his buddies collect his wife for the real ceremony unless they had done everything the women on the brides' side told or asked.
"Awwww! C'mon, man! Ten's too much!" a voice belonging to the groom came from the other side of the door. "How 'bout just three?"
"What?! Three! Well, you obviously don't love Olette that much, huh?" Ka
:iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 21 33
Like Always
He snorted in derision as his eyes winced in deep agony, his ears picking up a highly-pitched, out of tuned noise coming from his bedroom next door. His sister was once more singing to that ridiculous tune for the hundredth time. The hazel-eyed boy knocked twice on his elder sisters' door, but her piercing pitchy singing and the loud back ground music was the only response he got. Typical. Why had he even considered that his hundred and first attempt at shutting his sister up by knocking at her door would succeed? Stupid him.
"Get rid of the surprised look,
I wanna give you the best service tonight.
Whatever you want, I want to give you everything.
I wanna satisfy your senses all night.
You are my V.I.P, always reflect on me. Oh!
I'm your T.O.P, only give the best. Yeah!" **

"Oh God, help me brave through his horror again!" he muttered softly under his breath, as his hands went to rummaging his pockets. 'Where is it…Ah!'
A silver key emerged from his side pocket, gl
:iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 1 2
Mannerisms -BL-
"For the umpteenth time, I did NOT eat your mitarashi dango! It's ridiculously sweet, I'd get a toothache just from a bite of it!" the longhaired teen insisted, a frown evidently imprinted on his usually stoic face.
"And I don't believe you! I saw those long greedy hands, reaching out for my lovely delicious mitarashi dango! Those bony flesh-deprived hands that were brimming with so much greed and evilness, who else can it be other than you, Kanda!" the shorter teenager persisted. Allen was sure it was Kanda who ate his lovelies, gobbled them down in an instance and laughed at Allen's pitiful wrecked sugar-deprived self!
"Whatever for would I want to eat those sugar-coated sweets?? Did I not just tell you I'd get a toothache from something that sweet??" His frown got deeper, arms folded in a crisscross manner.
"Because I took the last bowl of soba in the canteen yesterday! You wanted revenge, vengeance on pitiful me! Your mind was filled with so much hate, so much jealousy and so much
:iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 2 7
Once More -BL-
Rays of pale cream-coloured moonlight streamed through the curtainless window and into the dim lit room. A soft breeze entered the room through the small opening of the glass window, dropping the temperature a slight notch. The young boy that lay in his single bed pulled his blankets closer to him unconsciously. It was a cold night that day.
Unknowing to all living creatures in that small cold little room, at the darkest corner where all the black silhouettes gather, a black boot emerged. A long dark billowing cloak followed thereafter and finally, fiery red long spikes of hair appeared. Soft taps, almost inaudible to the ears, were made as the unknown presence walked towards the sleeping boy hidden completely under the comfort of his dark blue blanket except for the small head with messy blonde hair peeking out from it.
The mysterious stranger sat down on a black stool beside the bed, a small smile carved upon his lips. A long slender finger touched the sleeping face and traced its co
:iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 1 0
Mature content
Summer Fever::Pt1 -Y- :iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 4 4
Getting to Her
Getting to Her
Heavy gasps and pants escaped his lips as he continued his long run. His legs were tired; muscles aching from the gradual increase in fatigue. He pushed and squirmed his way through the many people, shouting "Excuse Me!" as loud as he could in that croaky voice of his, ignoring the many strange looks given from the surrounding men and women.
He was late. Way too late. He bit his lower lip. There was no one to be blamed for his delay. It was his entire fault. His stupid fault for being too preoccupied with his work that he had not notice it was already long past nine. When he had finally did, there was only fifteen minutes left to ten. Hence, the first thing he did was run out of his cubicle in the office and ran down eight floors instead of waiting for the lift. Not having an athletes' built, it was not surprising that he was wheezing badly after just a few mere minutes.
But he could not stop to catch a breath. There was no time for that. This was too important, far too
:iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 0 2
Mature content
::Gazing Lovingly:: -Y- :iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 2 3
::Addicted To You::Chap1::-BL-
          When he was young, his mother had always, always told him ever since from the beginning, that first impression is very important. Even when she had passed away, when a certain little red head was just 12, she would say,
“You must leave an impression on how you want them to view you.”
          Being the good son he was, he had always tried to leave an impression on what he was on everyone; something that he had always wanted people to think of him and it consisted of only two words: Freaking Cool. Axel had ALWAYS wanted to look cool, act cool and be cool. But unfortunately for him, only one obstacle that stood in his way of being cool; his everyday-occurring carelessness. The first time he had tried to be cool, his chair broke when he sat down on it, resulting in a bruise on his butt and the whole class was ringing with laughter. That day onwards, his image had never
:iconmikki-ta-chan:Mikki-Ta-Chan 1 8

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Summer Fever 4- Look out for it on 4/8/12! (If I don't suffer from any block in these two days ^^")

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